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Questions and Answers

  • What photographic paper is used to print the photos?

Kodak Professional Endura Premiere Paper is used for all photographic prints.

  • What photo print paper types are offered?

We offer Lustre (comes between glossy and matte), Glossy (coated paper that delivers a shiny appearance), and Metallic (presents a significant bright background while being described as having chrome on paper).

  • How do I place and purchase orders?

Navigate to the shop page, select the prints you like to add to the cart. From there, choose size, then add to cart. Then choose the number on the presented print (if associated with the desired print you like to purchase), and finally, select paper type then checkout.

  • What is the turnaround times?

Turnaround times means the time it takes to create your photo prints. PLEASE NOTE: This is SEPARATE from any chosen SHIPPING TIME.

Prints take up to 2-3 days to be made.

  • What shipping method is used?

We ship with USPS and FedEx.

  • Where do you ship to?

All over the United States of America. Including Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the US Virgin Islands. 

  • What are the shipping charges?

  1. Ground shipping is $4.99 (California only).

  2. The estimated ground shipping times: East Coast = 1-2 Business, Midwest = 2-3 Business Days, Southwest = 2-4 Business Days, Northwest = 2-4 Business Days, West Coast 2-5 Business Days.

  3. Two Day Shipping is $14.99 (once prints are made and only for residents in California).

  4. Overnight shipping is $29.99 (once prints are made and only for residents in California).

  5. Purchases shipping to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the US Virgin Islands will ship with USPS Priority for $11.99 (once prints are made).

  6. Purchases shipping to Canada is $24.99 (once prints are made). Purchased items will be shipped to Canada shipped with USPS Priority.

  • Expedited shipping is NOT available for Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the US Virgin Islands shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: If the customer selects the wrong shipping option to Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, or the US Virgin Islands, they will be refunded and may be contacted to choose the right shipping option.

Example: A customer living outside of California selects the $4.99 ground shipping option to ship to Hawaii will be refunded and the item not being shipped, due to choosing the wrong shipping option. The ground shipping option is only available to residents living within California and not to those mentioned above in bold lettering.

  • When are new photos available?

New photos will be added to the shop every month.

  • Do purchased products have a single watermark on them and are they color corrected?

YEs, however, they will not contain watermark patterns, and numbers when purchased. color correction is included free of charge.

  • Product details: Mugs

Each 15 oz. mug is protected with white gloss finish and is designed with one of our photos displayed on the cup. They're also microwave and dishwasher safe. 

  • What are the return policies?

Returns and exchanges:

Returns are not accepted. Unless if packages are unopened and all orders are in the same condition as received and within the original packaging (not opened) during the two day window of receiving the item. There are no refunds for shipping charges. The customer pays for the return shipping. Sold items will be secured depending on what product was purchased. If the item received was damaged, please photograph the item and send it as soon as possible through the contact form two days of receiving. All damaged items will be either refunded or replaced. Please contact us with any concerns or questions.

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